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The dietary proteins from Crave & Satisfy® have been specially designed for medium and high-protein diets. 

The protein powder is ideal for use before or after meals or to postpone a meal, or simply as a low-carbohydrate snack without sugars between meals.

The diet powder comprises over 88% high quality, slow digesting proteins. As a result, the proteins also protect muscle mass which can all too often be lost while on a weight loss diet.





These proteins come from casein, a protein that is derived from milk, and they are absorbed slowly (taking up to 7-8 hours). The body requires more time and energy (metabolism), in order to process these proteins. In this respect, if one strictly avoids carbohydrates, the body will go into ketogenesis (ketosis). That's why good health and follow-ups are so important, in particular to prevent overloading the liver and the kidneys when one goes on a high protein diet.




The dietary proteins contain virtually no fat and sugars; they have a very low lactose content (< 0.2%) and they are aspartame-free. A very small amount of sucralose is used, as the taste of this sweetener comes closest to sugar. On top of that, any low-calorie sweetener of choice can be added when preparing a diet shake.

What's more, these proteins are specially fortified with 20 vitamins and minerals.


The protein powder can be made into a delicious shake of one's taste using water and/or unsweetened soya milk.

You don't need a shaker because the powder dissolves into small liquids quickly and without lumping.

No preservatives or thickeners are added to the powder.









This unique protein preparation is available from the best pharmacies.






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